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When you visit Hudson Acupuncture, you'll have the opportunity to experience an alternative pain management regimen that's uniquely designed for you. With disposable needles and herbs that can help manage your symptoms, you could finally find the relief you're looking for.

Relief from head to toe

There are acupuncture treatments for every painful place on your body. Share your experience with neck, shoulder or back pain and let us find the right solution. From arthritis to sciatica, we'll find a unique treatment specially for you.

Numerous payment options

Consult with us to find out if your insurance plan covers acupuncture treatment. Workers comp and No Fault are both happily accepted by our office.

Remember that acupuncture can be the answer to a number of issues including Pain management, Immune system boosting, Infertility, Menopause, Digestive disorder, Anxiety, Migraines, arthritis, Chronic fatigue, etc.

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